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Health and OTC Drugs: Unusual Side Effects

Okay so now I feel like perhaps I’ve heard everything. There is a growing problem in our country with opioid drug use. These drugs that are used for chronic pain are being over-prescribed and abused. The result is addiction to … Continue reading

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Health: Addiction to Pain Drugs

“Data shows the number of prescriptions written for opioids as well opioid overdose deaths have skyrocketed in recent years, highlighting a growing addiction problem in the U.S.” Time.com When we think of drug addiction we tend to think of illegal … Continue reading


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Health: Addicted…to Bad Habits?

“The rate of obesity in the U.S. has more than doubled since the 1970s; two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese; research also shows that the heaviest Americans have become even heavier the past decade; 31.8% of children and … Continue reading

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Are You Really Weak-Willed, or Is It Something Else?

My primary focus in creating vibrant health is no-nonsense nutrition: eating nutrient-dense, fresh, whole foods, properly grown/raised and prepared and in a form as close to how God created them. In case you were wondering that would NOT include fast … Continue reading

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Exercising Your Will

There are several commercials airing on New York television lately about a tax Governor David Patterson wants to put on sodas, special “fitness” waters and juice drinks.   While this is basically a financial issue – New York is in bad financial … Continue reading

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