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Health and Travel: My 7 Top Tips to Stay Healthy When You Must Fly

It’s vacation time and so many of us are planning trips that include air travel. While the recent crashes and missing Malaysian flight may be frightening, the truth is, according to statistics, commercial airline transportation is the safest way to … Continue reading

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What’s the Big Deal About Adult Stem Cells?

I have long suggested that people use green algae like spirulina as their multi. Green foods like spirulina and chlorella are incredibly nutritious, alkalizing and detoxifying. I use both spirulina and chlorella powders in a green drink every morning.  I … Continue reading

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Are You Neglecting This Simple Nutritional Boost?

I work with people for various reasons – they may want to improve their diet, or lower blood sugar or lose weight, increase energy or just look and feel their best.  All are valid.  My approach is to address spirit, … Continue reading

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