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Is Organic Worth the Extra Money

*This originally appeared in my weekly No-Nonsense Nutrition Report. Sign up here to be the first to get this exclusive content! Every week I share information about a different food and almost always I strongly recommend buying organic. You may … Continue reading

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Health: Why You Have to Be Your Own Advocate

When you are sick, you trust your doctor to give you the best advice. You also trust he has been given the truth so he can best guide you. I want to share my personal experience here. About 10 years … Continue reading

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Health: The Most Dangerous Place to Be

While there are times when it is unavoidable and very necessary for your survival, one of the most dangerous places to be health-wise is in the hospital for several reasons: About 440,000 patients each year are killed by preventable medical … Continue reading

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Health: There are no Guarantees and Trust Your Gut!

Well, I am happy to be back posting regularly again. I appreciate everyone who has followed my blogs. I want to share my experience in the following series of posts because I feel that what happened to me and the … Continue reading

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Health: Why It is Critical to Ask the Right Questions

I want to share some information here that many may be unaware of. We tend to think of drugs like antibiotics as “safe” drugs. I learned that this is not always the case several years ago.  Several days after my … Continue reading

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The Power of “O”

I had to share this because it was so interesting to me! So often clients or friends will try a supplement I suggest and tell me they didn’t “feel” anything so they wouldn’t continue taking it. Well this lady had … Continue reading

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It Does the Body….Good?

We’ve all seen the magazine ads and commercials of celebrities with the milk mustache telling us “it does a body good”   But is that really true? A Harvard study reveals that milk from cows raised on factory farms produce milk … Continue reading

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