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Heart Health: Ways to Monitor

I am a huge proponent of being proactive and seeking to prevent problems before they develop. A healthy heart is critical to overall health and a long, active life. Most of us are familiar with checking blood pressure to stay … Continue reading

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Breathing: 2 Simple Ways to Support Immune Function

During this time of dealing with COVID-19, we’ve been focused on respiratory health maybe a bit more than usual. There is a definitely a strong connection between how we breathe, our respiratory health and immune function. I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Weight Loss: Is There a Best Exercise

Last week I talked about whether there’s a best time to exercise. This week I want to ask if there are certain types of exercise that are better for weight loss than others.  Personally, I believe the bottom line is … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Are You Deficient in this Important Mineral?

When I speak to people and we talk about supplements and what they are taking, almost every one makes a point to say they are supplementing with calcium. We’ve heard so much about the increase of osteoporosis and especially for … Continue reading

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Heart Health: To Salt or Not to Salt?

I’ve worked with clients in the past who wanted to lower their blood pressure without resorting to drugs. I remember one gentleman in particular. He was one of my son, Matthew’s baseball coaches years ago. The first thing I recommended … Continue reading

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Healthy Heart: 15 Facts You Should Know

February is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is also National Heart Month. We focus on the heart for both, although in different ways. I thought it might be helpful to give you some quick and easy facts about … Continue reading

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