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Breathing: 2 Simple Ways to Support Immune Function

During this time of dealing with COVID-19, we’ve been focused on respiratory health maybe a bit more than usual. There is a definitely a strong connection between how we breathe, our respiratory health and immune function. I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Healthy Heart: Balancing Your Nervous System is Critical for Health

This was a truly fascinating article on Dr. Mercola‚Äôs site talking about the real cause of heart attacks. We constantly hear about the dangers of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. In truth, balance is the key! The part … Continue reading

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

You can do the nicest thing for someone and yet if you do it for the wrong reason or with a bad attitude it corrupts the blessing. Physically we know that heart health is critical. However, what I would like … Continue reading

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