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Nutrition: A Novel Coffee Boost

Drinking coffee is known to boost alertness, well-being and concentration, along with improving mood and reducing depression. It is linked to numerous brain and health benefits including: Reduced risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s Decreased risk of colorectal, colon, endometrial and … Continue reading

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New “Healthy” Breakfast Beverage

What’s your idea of a healthy breakfast drink? Coffee? Tea? Water? Milk? Soda? When we were young and working in the same company I used to meet one of my friends in the break room where she began each and … Continue reading

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Moderation is the Key

I have always counseled clients to limit caffeine intake.  Too much caffeine can hinder your ability to sleep soundly which in turn can cause other problems, and it can also raise blood pressure.  It is also very dehydrating and given … Continue reading

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Too Much Tea?

I love tea. I drink several cups a day – and more in the cold winter months, although any I drink after about 1 pm must be decaffeinated or herbal tea. Every morning I have a cup of yerba mate … Continue reading

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