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A Surprising Food for Brain Health

I wonder if this fact will surprise you as much as it did me: A study of 1,787 adults revealed that out of 49 whole foods, cheese was “by far” the most protective food when it comes to avoiding age-related … Continue reading

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Healthy Children: Let’s Rethink the #1 School Lunch Beverage

Well it is served in school, and it’s obviously not soda, thankfully, but it’s almost as bad! And what I really find mind-boggling is that we are still calling healthy fat “bad” and replacing it with sugar, which has been … Continue reading

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What’s Bad is Now Good

Doesn’t it seem like every day something we thought was good for us is found to be bad? You know what I mean – one day coffee is bad for you – no, wait – today it reduces your risk … Continue reading

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So, What’s Left?

Sugar                                                            *Salt Soda Fast Food High Fructose Corn Syrup Artificial sweeteners – aspartame, neotame, sucralose *Coffee MSG Soy *Beef *Potatoes Ice cream *Chocolate Fried Foods – chip, fries, donuts White flour foods – pasta, rice, cakes, cookies The list could … Continue reading


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It Does the Body….Good?

We’ve all seen the magazine ads and commercials of celebrities with the milk mustache telling us “it does a body good”   But is that really true? A Harvard study reveals that milk from cows raised on factory farms produce milk … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on The New USDA Plate

I did a blog post earlier this year about the revised food pyramid – what I agreed with and what I thought could be improved.  It seems the USDA has changed the icon from that pyramid to a plate.  I … Continue reading

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