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Nutrition: How Greens Delay Brain Aging

According to research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, simply adding one daily serving of green leafy vegetables can slow brain aging by a decade. I did a newsletter earlier this year about this very research, but I felt … Continue reading

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Brain Health: 5 Things You Can Begin Doing Now to Avoid Dementia

Alzheimer’s is not a natural part of aging although the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have been increasing. In fact almost 2/3 of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are women and Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia is the … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: 3 Additional Benefits of Daily Rebooting

One of the 3D living keys is “rest and rebooting.” That, of course includes adequate, restful sleep but what is often overlooked is what I refer to as rebooting. Basically it is disconnecting from your daily routine, even for just … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: No Age Limit for Benefits of a Healthy Diet!

If you read this blog often you know I believe nutrition is the most important and first line of defense in living a truly healthy life. I want to share some information about results of a recent 14-year study on … Continue reading

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