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Health: Enzymes for Digestion on Every Level

Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” So it makes total sense that keeping your gut, or digestive system happy and able to do its job effectively will make a big difference in your health. We read and hear … Continue reading

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Health: Could You Be at Risk for Kidney Disease

I was reading a very interesting and alarming article in Life Extension Magazine about some hidden factors behind the kidney disease epidemic. In case you were not aware, more than 1 in 10 Americans have some stage of chronic kidney … Continue reading

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Health: Could it Really Be This Simple?

One of the foundational principles of all my 3D Living coaching plans is proper hydration. Specifically, I recommend people gradually build up to drinking one-half their body weight in ounces of clean water and include ¼ tsp. of natural, unprocessed … Continue reading

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Healthy Digestion: Improve the Health of Generations

Fiber is a critical component of overall health. There are so many benefits to including adequate fiber in your diet, including: Fiber acts like a broom, helping to sweep toxins out of your body. Fiber helps with elimination and prevents … Continue reading

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Health and Healing: My Protocol

I hope that sharing about my experience has provided some valuable insights. So many people have contacted me to ask what specific things I did and what supplements I used, so I wanted to share that information with you today. … Continue reading

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Should You Avoid Rice?

You may have seen a news story recently about arsenic in rice and how you should not feed your baby rice cereal as their first food. Well, I just want to bring some perspective to this. First is there arsenic … Continue reading

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Dealing With the Fruit or the Root? It Makes a Difference!

Unless you get to the root or cause of a problem, you are forever dealing with fruit! You’ll never resolve the problem that way. Many doctors are focused on simply treating symptoms (fruit) and managing pain (fruit – again). Pain … Continue reading

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