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Spirit and Soul: Nourishment You May be Overlooking

There are other forms of nourishment we often overlook. Your physical body is not the only thing that requires nourishment, detoxification, exercise, rest and rebooting. Your spirit and soul – mind, will and emotions – also require daily maintenance. I … Continue reading

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Weight Loss: Why Detox is Step One

The first two weeks of the Today Is Still the Day plan are what I refer to as detox weeks. Some people get nervous when they hear that word but there’s no need for anxiety! I have very good reason … Continue reading

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Nutrition: 5 Ways to Eat More Mindfully

How you eat is just as important as what you eat. Michal Pollan says: “We forget that, historically, people have eaten for a great many reasons other than biological necessity. Food is also about pleasure, about community, about family and … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: The Choice is Yours

We are all familiar with genes and DNA. We inherit certain genetic characteristics from our parents and other ancestors. You may have your father’s nose, your mother’s eyes or your grandmother’s body type. It was believed that whatever genes you … Continue reading

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Health: Gut Bacteria, Moods and Parasites

This summer was predicted to be one of the worst when it comes to tick borne diseases. When you think of ticks you automatically think of Lyme disease but there’s more than just that. Ticks carry not only bacterial diseases … Continue reading

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Heart Health: 16 Facts You Need to Know

February is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is also National Heart Month. We focus on the heart for both, although in different ways. I thought it might be helpful to give you some quick and easy facts about … Continue reading

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Health and Inflammation: What Does “Awe” Have to Do With It?

In case you didn’t realize it, your emotions influence your physical health. It’s long been known that the emotions of love and compassion activate your parasympathetic system (the healing and restoration system) and stress activates the sympathetic system (fight or … Continue reading

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