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Healthy Food: How Can You Know What’s Real?

I read a story about a woman in Alaska who supposedly bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal in 2010 and posted a picture of the meal 6 years later. She says she had it in her office the whole time and … Continue reading

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Are You Really Weak-Willed, or Is It Something Else?

My primary focus in creating vibrant health is no-nonsense nutrition: eating nutrient-dense, fresh, whole foods, properly grown/raised and prepared and in a form as close to how God created them. In case you were wondering that would NOT include fast … Continue reading

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Teens and Liver Disease

It is sad and frightening enough that adults are suffering more and more from chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But a very alarming article in Natural News details the fact that the incidence of non-alcoholic fatty liver … Continue reading

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Nourish and Fuel or Grab and Go?

Does this scenario sound familiar: You run into the kitchen or stop by the drive-thru – grab whatever you can find that’s portable and quick – gobble it down standing at the sink or in the car between tasks. I … Continue reading

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So, What’s Left?

Sugar                                                            *Salt Soda Fast Food High Fructose Corn Syrup Artificial sweeteners – aspartame, neotame, sucralose *Coffee MSG Soy *Beef *Potatoes Ice cream *Chocolate Fried Foods – chip, fries, donuts White flour foods – pasta, rice, cakes, cookies The list could … Continue reading

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