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More Reasons for Keeping it Real

Are processed foods REALLY food? In my opinion, the answer is no. Since food is the fuel we run our bodies on, then choosing the highest quality, as well as the specific foods that work best with our unique metabolic … Continue reading

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Nourish and Fuel or Grab and Go?

Does this scenario sound familiar: You run into the kitchen or stop by the drive-thru – grab whatever you can find that’s portable and quick – gobble it down standing at the sink or in the car between tasks. I … Continue reading

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A Nutritious Breakfast Benefits Your Child’s Brain

I read an article on Life Extension, which talked about scientific studies that linked a healthy breakfast with higher scores on achievement tests.  The article went on to recommend that the whole family begin to boost their brainpower with a … Continue reading

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Choose Real Food

There are two classes of foods. There’s nutrient-dense, which is what I am always encouraging you to focus your meal plans around, and there are empty-calorie “foods” (and believe me I use the term “food” cautiously!) Right about now you’re … Continue reading

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