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Healthy Heart: Do You Really Need an Aspirin a Day?

Many doctors prescribe an aspirin a day to prevent heart attack and stroke. But the hazards may not be worth the benefits. The thinking behind a daily aspirin is to thin the blood. There are other, safer, more natural ways … Continue reading

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Let Food Be Your Medicine

You may recognize that as a quotation attributed to Hippocrates.  I happen to think he had the right idea! By choosing the highest quality foods and keeping your body strong and well-nourished, you can avoid many (or all) of the … Continue reading

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Benefits Outweigh Risks?

There have been numerous articles about the benefits of the flu vaccine versus the risks. Everyone is weighing in so I won’t go into all the pros and cons from my personal perspective. Anyone who’s read my blogs and newsletters … Continue reading

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Affordable, Healthy Eating Tips – Part 1

So what if you want to eat a healthier diet, you want to make sure your children eat healthier, but you don’t have the money to buy all organic produce, grass fed beef and wild caught fish? We, as a … Continue reading

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