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Nutrition: Connection between Grains and Eye Health

Cataracts and glaucoma are eye diseases we are familiar with. You may have seen commercials recently about dry eye syndrome, which is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. The effects … Continue reading

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Nutrition: One More Reason to Go Gluten Free

If I asked you to name one of the most benign, safe over-the-counter type drugs, most of you would name one of the anti-inflammatory NSAID drugs like ibuprofen. Many people use these drugs weekly for minor aches and managing chronic … Continue reading

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Overall Health: What is Gluten and Why Should You Consider Avoiding It – Part 1

Everywhere you look there are new gluten free products, articles and books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly touting the benefits of cutting gluten out of your diet. But maybe you aren’t sold just yet. Fair enough. So for today’s … Continue reading

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Healthy Heart: Finally the Truth About Cholesterol from My Husband’s Experience

People who know my husband understand what a truly big deal this is. When we were first married and cholesterol wasn’t a big issue as it is today, my husband went to one of those health fairs at his gym … Continue reading

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