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Health: Is Anxiety Inherited

We inherit many traits from our parents. You may have your parents’ eyes or build or tendency to carry weight in your hips or belly. You can have a genetic propensity toward developing certain diseases, although that’s not set in … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacking: 5 Reasons to Eat Popcorn Again

One of my daughter’s favorite go-to snacks is air popped popcorn. She drizzles it with melted organic ghee and mixes in chili lime spice! I was concerned about her eating popcorn because I know most of the corn produced here … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Do You Really Want to Know?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin As we begin a brand new year I wanted to address an issue one of my readers brought up. She felt condemned and as if what she was doing was … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: GM foods-Cancer Connection 7 Reasons to Avoid Them

Food is food – right? You walk into your supermarket and shop! If only it was that simple and straightforward! There is organic, conventionally grown/raised, grass-fed, grass-finished, wild caught, pasture raised and now there is genetically modified. One of the … Continue reading

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Benefits Outweigh Risks?

There have been numerous articles about the benefits of the flu vaccine versus the risks. Everyone is weighing in so I won’t go into all the pros and cons from my personal perspective. Anyone who’s read my blogs and newsletters … Continue reading

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