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Nutrition and Heart Health: The Real Nutritional Villain

Conventional wisdom says that red meat and saturated fat are the primary drivers of heart disease. So in order to avoid that, many people have chosen to eat chicken which is thought to be more lean. Problem is that the … Continue reading

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Dental Health and Cavities: What’s Diet Got to do With It

I guess we all know eating lots of sugary treats, candy and soda causes tooth decay. That’s kind of a no-brainer. But this deeper dive into the specifics of diet and how it impacts dental health and cavities in particular … Continue reading

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Dental Health: 3 Surprising Ways Food Impacts It

If I asked you what you thought was the most important diet/dental link, what would you say? Would you say not eating candy and sugary foods because they cause cavities? You certainly wouldn’t be wrong. If you said eating a … Continue reading

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Healthy Heart: Finally the Truth About Cholesterol from My Husband’s Experience

People who know my husband understand what a truly big deal this is. When we were first married and cholesterol wasn’t a big issue as it is today, my husband went to one of those health fairs at his gym … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on The New USDA Plate

I did a blog post earlier this year about the revised food pyramid – what I agreed with and what I thought could be improved.  It seems the USDA has changed the icon from that pyramid to a plate.  I … Continue reading

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More Eating Healthy on a Budget Tips

Here are a few more tips for eating healthy on a budget. I hope you have found them to be practical and of benefit to you and your family. Please share your thoughts on this series with me.         I mentioned … Continue reading

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