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Oral Health: Should You Use Mouthwash

Every system of our body has its own microbiome. This includes the mouth. Maintaining a healthy balance of the friendly bacteria housed in our mouths improves overall health, including cardiovascular health. New research reveals that a balanced oral microbiome helps … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Water Quality and Tea

I am a tea lover and green tea has long been a favorite both just because I like it and for its numerous health benefits. But I learned something about a simple way to amplify those health benefits. Rather than … Continue reading

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Stress Relief: Tea to the Rescue

Worry. Stress. Anxiety. Insomnia. They all seem to feed into each other, don’t they? There’s a rather delicious and simple daily habit that may just help you calm down and get a good night’s sleep. Tea! In this case, green … Continue reading

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Health and Happiness: 5 Mood Boosting Foods

There are so many simple, easy ways we can boost our moods when we are feeling blah. Just spending time outside in nature and the sunshine is usually enough to do it for me and it’s been well documented as … Continue reading

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Health and Travel: My 7 Top Tips to Stay Healthy When You Must Fly

It’s vacation time and so many of us are planning trips that include air travel. While the recent crashes and missing Malaysian flight may be frightening, the truth is, according to statistics, commercial airline transportation is the safest way to … Continue reading

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Too Much Tea?

I love tea. I drink several cups a day – and more in the cold winter months, although any I drink after about 1 pm must be decaffeinated or herbal tea. Every morning I have a cup of yerba mate … Continue reading

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