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Oral Health: Is Mask Mouth Really a Thing?

If you’ve read my blogs and newsletters for long, you know I am very big on oral health for personal reasons. Digestion begins in the mouth and your oral health can impact your overall health in ways you may not … Continue reading

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Ginger: It’s Not Just for Nausea Any More

You may be familiar with using ginger for nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness and upset stomach. And it is wonderful for all those things. I take ginger and turmeric capsules for minor muscular aches and pains and it works better … Continue reading

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Overall Health: What is Gluten and Why Should You Consider Avoiding It – Part 1

Everywhere you look there are new gluten free products, articles and books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly touting the benefits of cutting gluten out of your diet. But maybe you aren’t sold just yet. Fair enough. So for today’s … Continue reading

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