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Immune Function: Cold Water Therapy

I share some powerful immune supporting and boosting strategies in my book, Natural Tips for Staying Healthy, including ways to support your lymphatic system, which is key in immune function. One of the most effective ways to do this is … Continue reading

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Breathing: 2 Simple Ways to Support Immune Function

During this time of dealing with COVID-19, we’ve been focused on respiratory health maybe a bit more than usual. There is a definitely a strong connection between how we breathe, our respiratory health and immune function. I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Vitamin C: Some Little Known Facts

Did you know that most animals and plants synthesize their own vitamin C from food they eat? This is accomplished via a biochemical pathway that employs 4 enzymes which convert glucose to vitamin C. In mammals (like humans), the glucose … Continue reading

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Immunity: Mild Obesity and COVID

I did a newsletter at the beginning of this whole COVID outbreak (which seems like a lifetime ago by the way) and explained how obesity is a serious risk factor in this virus. Most of that research classified “severe obesity” … Continue reading

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Healthy Digestion: Improve the Health of Generations

Fiber is a critical component of overall health. There are so many benefits to including adequate fiber in your diet, including: Fiber acts like a broom, helping to sweep toxins out of your body. Fiber helps with elimination and prevents … Continue reading

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