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How Creativity Improves Health

Drawing or painting; doing arts and crafts; cross-stitch or needlepoint; dancing; singing; playing an instrument – do these activities have any impact on your health? You bet they do! Probably more than you even realize. Maybe, like me, you have … Continue reading

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Health: Catching or Developing?

There’s a big difference between a cold and cancer. No one would dispute that I’m sure. But have you ever thought about the difference between “catching” something like a cold, the flu or some other contagious virus and “developing” something … Continue reading

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Healthy New Year: 7 Habits of Healthy People

As we approach the end of 2014 and look forward to a brand new year, I wanted to first of all wish everyone who take the time to read my posts a truly blessed and healthy new year. I hope … Continue reading

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Health: Addicted…to Bad Habits?

“The rate of obesity in the U.S. has more than doubled since the 1970s; two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese; research also shows that the heaviest Americans have become even heavier the past decade; 31.8% of children and … Continue reading

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Health and Lifestyle: It Pays to Get Specific

“About 800,000 Americans die from cardiovascular disease annually. A quarter of these deaths could be prevented through simple lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, and managing your diabetes.” That statistic and the recommendation for preventing that outcome … Continue reading

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Health: You Have More Power Than You Think

“There’s a whole other side to health and that begins with the individual and one’s health philosophy, which starts in the mind. A new, proactive perspective on health, rooted in nutrition utilization, can bring copious amounts of joy, energy, and … Continue reading

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Think There’s Such a Thing As a Magic Pill?

I know that there is a time and a place for medication. Really I do. If you ask my kids they’d probably tell you I have a very “negative” attitude about taking any kind of drugs – and they would … Continue reading

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