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Mindset: How is Negativity Bias Shortcircuitig Your Results

Insults, criticism, bad news. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to focus on the negative? We tend to remember traumatic experiences better than positive, joyful ones; we recall insults more readily than praise; we think about negative … Continue reading

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Healthy New Year: Shrink the Change!

I realize it is now the first Monday in February so it isn’t technically “new year.” But according to most statistics, most people who began January with lofty resolutions have already forgotten all about them and slipped back into their … Continue reading

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Healthy Changes: Can you Trust Yourself?

In my book, Today’s the Day 7 Week Fitness Plan, and my coaching program, I talk about exercising as it applies to your body, spirit and soul (mind, will and emotions). What I want to focus on in this post … Continue reading

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Improving Health: Just Choose One Thing

We have become a microwave society – we want everything done in a matter of seconds! Unfortunately when it comes to your health, what took you years to create in your body, will take time to reverse. You can’t eat … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Is the Person You See in the Mirror Really You?

By: Coach Mike Fenton We can still be the person we once were and/or the person we envision ourselves to be. William James (US Pragmatist philosopher & psychologist 1842 – 1910) once said “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes … Continue reading

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