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Spirit and Soul: Nourishment You May be Overlooking

There are other forms of nourishment we often overlook. Your physical body is not the only thing that requires nourishment, detoxification, exercise, rest and rebooting. Your spirit and soul – mind, will and emotions – also require daily maintenance. I … Continue reading

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Brain Health: Our Connection to a Healthy Life

Do you realize that your brain health impacts: Your relationships with loved ones; Your work performance; Your overall health, immunity and whether you are susceptible to certain illnesses; Your health habits and how well you eat and take care of … Continue reading

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Guest Post: When Seasons Change

By Coach Mike Fenton As we approach the fall of the year and the days become shorter it can mean a significant change in the overall state-of-mind for some. For those that are solar-powered (rely on sunshine for energy) it … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Is the Person You See in the Mirror Really You?

By: Coach Mike Fenton We can still be the person we once were and/or the person we envision ourselves to be. William James (US Pragmatist philosopher & psychologist 1842 – 1910) once said “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes … Continue reading

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Guest Post: What’s for Dinner?

Another post by my friend, Mike Fenton, from HeartnSoul Coaching:   “Happiness is more than good health and a bad memory”.   -Mike Fenton Heart & Soul Health Coach   We spend a lot of time trying to eat the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Total Wellness – Part 1 – The Mind

Mike Fenton is a certified health coach who inspires, empowers & helps people create desired lifestyle changes using the teachings of: “Total Wellness” when mind, body & soul all come together as one in good health. ”Total Wellness” – Part 1 … Continue reading

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Cellular Memory – Part One

Ok, let’s continue. We’ve been taught to believe that all “memories” are stored in our minds. But that isn’t true! Many experts now consider your entire body to be your “subconscious mind” because every cell in your body records feelings … Continue reading

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