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Your Body Can Tell the Difference

I am always talking about the importance of the quality of the food we eat.  The foundation of my 3D Living Program and Today’s the Day Plan is to focus your diet around the best quality, fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods … Continue reading

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Less Can Be More…When It Comes to Calories

Can something as simple as reducing the number of calories you consume lengthen your lifespan? Results of a recent study proved this is entirely possible.  OK, hold on – before you click away from this post – it is not … Continue reading

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What’s More Important Than Calories for Weight Loss?

What do you think is THE most important nutritional factor for losing weight?  If you said the calorie count of the food, you would be in agreement with most medical experts, who also think the calorie content is the most … Continue reading

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High Octane Fuel For Weight Loss

There are three macronutrients we all need every day to be healthy – protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Each one is critical to overall health. You can’t just eat protein or cut out all fat and carbs to lose weight AND still … Continue reading

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