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Nutrition: 2021 Clean 15 Dirty Dozen List

The Environmental Working Group’s new 2021 Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 list came out recently. I will share it below. The list indicates which crops tend to be treated with the highest volume and variety of pesticides. Definitely important information to … Continue reading

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Detox: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Step one in my Today is Still the Day plan and book is detox. We actually use the first two weeks of the plan to do a gentle detox. People have, over the years, questioned why this is step one. … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Should You Choose Hydroponic Produce

There are so many options to choose from. Conventionally grown. Certified organic. Locally grown organic. Genetically modified. Hydroponically grown. It gets confusing. Lately I have been reading a lot about hydroponically grown fruits and veggies. On the surface it sounds … Continue reading

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Nutrition: 2018 Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 List

I routinely recommend people choose organic produce and grass fed and finished meat and dairy, wild caught fish and pasture raised poultry. I understand many people have financial constraints, particularly those families with young children and buying all organic is … Continue reading

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Is Organic Worth the Extra Money

*This originally appeared in my weekly No-Nonsense Nutrition Report. Sign up here to be the first to get this exclusive content! Every week I share information about a different food and almost always I strongly recommend buying organic. You may … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: GM foods-Cancer Connection 7 Reasons to Avoid Them

Food is food – right? You walk into your supermarket and shop! If only it was that simple and straightforward! There is organic, conventionally grown/raised, grass-fed, grass-finished, wild caught, pasture raised and now there is genetically modified. One of the … Continue reading

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No Soup For You?

Up here in NY we are looking forward to an extremely cold week ahead with temperatures not getting past the teens most days! I don’t know about you but for me the perfect meal on those days is soup! I … Continue reading

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Do You Really Know What You are Eating?

We purchase and consume unlabeled genetically modified or engineered foods daily.  The more packaged foods you eat, the greater the chance of this.   These foods pose a definite and serious health risk and even FDA scientists agree with that assessment. … Continue reading

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