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Strong Bones: Move over Calcium

When you think about strengthening your bones, chances are you immediately think about calcium. Most people would. Then some would probably add in magnesium, vitamins D3 and K2. And I wouldn’t argue with that at all. They are all important … Continue reading

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Osteoporisis: Have We Put The Cart Before the Horse

It is commonly believed that fractures that occur in older adults are mainly caused by osteoporosis, that patients at high risk can be identified via screening and that the risk is then responsive to bone-targeted treatment and medications. Isn’t that … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Are You Deficient in this Important Mineral?

When I speak to people and we talk about supplements and what they are taking, almost every one makes a point to say they are supplementing with calcium. We’ve heard so much about the increase of osteoporosis and especially for … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Read This if You Still Drink Coke

Sodas like Coke are definitely not healthy. They’re loaded with high fructose corn syrup which is an especially strong driver of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It is an especially dangerous sweetener because unlike glucose and other forms of sugar, … Continue reading

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Health: Could You Be at Risk for Kidney Disease

I was reading a very interesting and alarming article in Life Extension Magazine about some hidden factors behind the kidney disease epidemic. In case you were not aware, more than 1 in 10 Americans have some stage of chronic kidney … Continue reading

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Healthy Children: 9 Reasons to Skip the Halloween Candy

You are no doubt familiar with the Grinch who stole Christmas. Well I’m sure most people consider me a Halloween Grinch. I don’t consider Halloween a “holiday” for many reasons. Dressing up as devils, witches, ghouls and zombies isn’t my … Continue reading

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Healthy Children: Let’s Rethink the #1 School Lunch Beverage

Well it is served in school, and it’s obviously not soda, thankfully, but it’s almost as bad! And what I really find mind-boggling is that we are still calling healthy fat “bad” and replacing it with sugar, which has been … Continue reading

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Is it REALLY a “Disease?”

There seem to be new “diseases” being discovered just about every day! And things we never considered “diseases” are now being classified as such. But are these truly diseases? Let’s talk about type 2 diabetes.  Is that truly a “disease?”  … Continue reading

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