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Weight Loss: Focusing on the Wrong Thing

Weight loss is not as easy as eating less and exercising more. We all know that. It’s more complex and we are all unique metabolically, so what is effective for me may not work for you. That’s why it’s best … Continue reading

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Weight Loss: The Missing Piece

I just love it when research bears out what I have been saying for years. If you read these blogs or my weekly newsletter very often, you know I have long said that the quality of the fuel you put … Continue reading

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Health and Healing: What Happens When the Unexpected Becomes Reality?

In the last post I explained how I ended up in the hospital needing emergency surgery for a severe intestinal blockage. I’d like to expand on that just a little before I get into what I have learned from this … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Gratitude Can Slow Aging

It is a fact that negative emotions like anxiety, worry, fear and stress activate the sympathetic nervous system, your “fight or flight” system. This part of your nervous system prepares you to defend against danger by increasing heart rate and … Continue reading

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