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Health and Supplements: Are Natural Supplements Safe or Not

Many times when I see things written about supplements, the negative stated is that they are “unregulated” and can be hazardous to your health. Well, is that really true? I see commercials for drugs every single day and the list … Continue reading

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Health: Absolute risk vs Relative Risk – It makes a Difference!

We read information about pharmaceutical drugs and how they will lower cholesterol or blood sugar by a huge percent. So we should jump on the bandwagon and begin taking them, right? I am reading an excellent book called The Great … Continue reading

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Handling Life

I will get back to blogging about cellular memory next week. Today my heart is broken on so many levels. As a mother, as the wife of a teacher and mother of a future teacher, future mother-in-law of a behavioral … Continue reading

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Is Marketing Killing Us?

There is a very alarming article on Dr. Mercola’s website about the advertising we all see for pharmaceutical drugs and its very dangerous effect on our health.  I recommend you read it – especially if you have been told by … Continue reading

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Side Effects –vs- Side Benefits – You Choose!

We’ve all seen the commercial for the current drug of choice on TV – some person in pain or looking sad and unable to enjoy life to the full.  Enter this “wonderful” drug; now they are smiling and doing all … Continue reading

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Vitamins Cause Premature Death – Really??

“Dear Ann, Have you heard on the news about Vitamins taken in older women causes early death, or something like this?   Was wondering your input on it.” That was the email I received from a client yesterday.  She and her … Continue reading

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