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Exercise for Better Gut Health

It isn’t difficult to understand why what we eat affects our gut health. Nutrition is basic and including naturally cultured and fermented foods that provide probiotics is definitely helpful. But how can exercise improve gut health? A study, just published … Continue reading

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Nutrition: Cooking These Boosts Nutrition

I am looking forward to harvesting my delicious grape tomatoes from my garden very soon and this is the time of year when tomatoes are at their peak of deliciousness! While a fresh garden salad with sliced tomatoes is a … Continue reading

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Health: Gut Bacteria, Moods and Parasites

This summer was predicted to be one of the worst when it comes to tick borne diseases. When you think of ticks you automatically think of Lyme disease but there’s more than just that. Ticks carry not only bacterial diseases … Continue reading

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Healthy Mood: Is It Really Just All in Your Head?

Inflammation is the root, and not the many other “symptoms” we have been told are the cause of any number of physical problems. For instance the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe elevated LDL cholesterol – the “bad” cholesterol – … Continue reading

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Benefits Outweigh Risks?

There have been numerous articles about the benefits of the flu vaccine versus the risks. Everyone is weighing in so I won’t go into all the pros and cons from my personal perspective. Anyone who’s read my blogs and newsletters … Continue reading

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Begin The Year By Cleansing Your Temple!

I do a modified fast for 3 days every month. I’ve been doing this consistently for five or six years now. So that means that for one month out of the year or about 36 days a year – I … Continue reading

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