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Weight Loss: It’s An Inside Job

“Guns don’t kill people any more than forks make them fat.” I saw the above quotation recently and it really got me thinking. I read years ago about several overweight teenagers who sued McDonald’s for making them obese because they … Continue reading

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Health: You Have More Power Than You Think

“There’s a whole other side to health and that begins with the individual and one’s health philosophy, which starts in the mind. A new, proactive perspective on health, rooted in nutrition utilization, can bring copious amounts of joy, energy, and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Don’t Eat the Meatloaf!

By Mike Fenton of Heart ‘n Soul Health Coaching   Meatloaf is certainly one of the great American comfort foods and one that most of us have enjoyed at one time or another. But why do we eat comfort foods … Continue reading

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3 Surprising Keys to Living Long and Healthy

If someone asked you what they should do to live a long, healthy life, what would you share?  Eat right.  Exercise.  Get enough sleep.  Take vitamins.  Get married.  Get a pet.  Laugh often. Obviously none of those things in themselves … Continue reading

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There’s Always a Reason

I read an excellent article this morning by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about Dr. Oz’s precancerous colon polyp surgery. Here is the link so you can read it for yourself: http://www.naturalnews.com/029655_colon_polyps_Doctor_Oz.html I agree with most everything he says and … Continue reading

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