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Maybe You’re Just Hungry

I happened to read a scripture recently and saw it in a distinctly different way. I was reading 1 Kings 19 and in the first verses Elijah had just been threatened by Queen Jezebel and was running for his life. … Continue reading

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Weight Loss: Why Women Struggle So Much

There are myriad reasons why any one person, man or woman, might be struggling with weight loss. There are obvious reasons such as lack of activity, eating too many processed foods or just eating too much in general. There can … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: It’s That Time of Year Again!

“A review of 50 studies that included more than 70,000 adults found that 100 people needed to be vaccinated to avoid one case of flu. That means the vaccine failed 99 percent who took it — they received no benefit … Continue reading

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Health: You Have More Power Than You Think

“There’s a whole other side to health and that begins with the individual and one’s health philosophy, which starts in the mind. A new, proactive perspective on health, rooted in nutrition utilization, can bring copious amounts of joy, energy, and … Continue reading

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7 Habits of Healthy People

That is also the title of this Natural News Article. I wanted to share it and talk a little about my thoughts on habits that create true health. I happen to like and agree with the ones mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Your Body is Smarter Than You Realize!

This post by Dr. Richard Schulze about how a mom used his detox products to cure her son of eczema is heartwarming to me as a mom – but more than that I wanted to focus in on something Dr. … Continue reading

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4 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

According to many studies and research the conclusion drawn is that many of these diseases we see overtaking the people in our country today are lifestyle diseases!  For instance, cancer and diabetes in many cases can be prevented or reversed … Continue reading

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New Commercial for Today’s the Day

Check out my new commercial for my book, Today’s the Day!  My friend, Dr. Keith Brown, who will be interviewing me on June 23rd about how to live a 3-D life, particularly as it relates to losing weight and getting fit, … Continue reading

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3-D Living Basics Conference Mp3

I spoke at the Reaching for the Hem online conference last year.  I want to share the Mp3 recording of my talk in which I explain the way to live a vibrant 3-D life of wholeness – spirit, soul and body! Ann-3Dliving-reaching-4-the-hem09 by … Continue reading

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