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Health and Food: Eating Can Be Hazardous to Your Child’s Health

Two pieces of news that I wanted to share that I hope will shock and anger you as much as they do me. First there was a recall of Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice mixes because they contain toxic ingredients that … Continue reading

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Should You Avoid Rice?

You may have seen a news story recently about arsenic in rice and how you should not feed your baby rice cereal as their first food. Well, I just want to bring some perspective to this. First is there arsenic … Continue reading

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Amazing and Healthy Chili Recipe

My son, Chris, and I made an amazing crockpot of chili this weekend. It was healthy and so delicious! We served it over Jade Pearl rice – a beautiful, delicate short grain rice that has a pale green color. I … Continue reading

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There’s More Than Just Brown!

Most of us choose brown rice over white rice as the healthier option, and it is. Very simply, brown rice only has the outer husk removed, leaving the nutrient-rich bran underneath intact. If the bran is also removed, then what … Continue reading

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