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Heart Health: Best Exercise

According to exercise scientists and cardiologists, regular exercise alters the look and function of the human heart, particularly the left ventricle. This chamber of the heart receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and pumps it out to the rest of … Continue reading

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Healthy Aging: Why Maintaining Muscle is so Important

One of the principles of my Today’s the Day plan is having a form of clean protein at each meal. I’ve shared before that when I was younger – all the way through my 20’s and 30’s – and the … Continue reading

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Health and Healing: The Challenge of Time and Patience

I’ve described how utterly weak and helpless I was upon returning home from the hospital. We have 3 rather small steps up to the front porch and then one step up into the foyer of our house. The day my … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: No Age Limit for Benefits of a Healthy Diet!

If you read this blog often you know I believe nutrition is the most important and first line of defense in living a truly healthy life. I want to share some information about results of a recent 14-year study on … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Feel as Though You’ve Had Enough?

By: Mike Fenton, of Heart ‘n Soul Health Coaching When the trials of life push us to the limit and our hearts are the heaviest it may seem as though we are hitting dead-end after dead-end or road block after … Continue reading

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