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Health: How Does Prayer Impact It

As a Christian I know and believe prayer is powerful. When I pray, I am communing directly with my Creator and I know Him as the Healer. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, I would like to share some scientific evidence … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: No Worries, It’s Just Advil

We are prescribed over the counter pain pills with very little thought as to any possible negative side effects. It’s as if Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Aleve and the rest are completely safe and we can take them without a second … Continue reading

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Healthy Heart: Do You Really Need an Aspirin a Day?

Many doctors prescribe an aspirin a day to prevent heart attack and stroke. But the hazards may not be worth the benefits. The thinking behind a daily aspirin is to thin the blood. There are other, safer, more natural ways … Continue reading

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Don’t Avoid Salt – Just Choose the Right Kind

Salt is salt right? We are supposed to cut out salt because it raises blood pressure, causes strokes and heart attacks. Many doctors and medical experts call salt a villain that will ruin your health. But is that really true? … Continue reading

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Skip This One

My husband went for routine blood work this past week and his doctor asked him some pretty standard questions. Among them was, “Are you taking an aspirin every day?” He has blood pressure and cholesterol issues but long ago when … Continue reading

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Smoking “Yolks” – Who Do You Believe?

I don’t know if anyone else saw this story on the news last week. They said that studies found a definite link between the number of whole eggs and egg yolks in particular a person eats and the amount of … Continue reading

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