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Corona Virus: Staying Healthy

A friend asked if I was planning to do a special post on boosting immune health amidst all the panic and paranoia surrounding this corona virus situation. I wasn’t planning to at all, but I decided to just do a … Continue reading

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Health: What Does Believing Have to do With it?

We’ve all heard of the placebo effect and in case you are not familiar with it, according to Medicinenet.com it is simply “a remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, … Continue reading

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Brain Health and Mood: Happy Pills?

I worked with a lovely lady several years ago who wanted to lose a significant amount of weight. As I do with all my clients, I had her complete a detailed questionnaire. I saw she was taking an anti-depressant and … Continue reading

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Healthy Heart: 15 Facts You Should Know

February is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it is also National Heart Month. We focus on the heart for both, although in different ways. I thought it might be helpful to give you some quick and easy facts about … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: It’s That Time of Year Again!

“A review of 50 studies that included more than 70,000 adults found that 100 people needed to be vaccinated to avoid one case of flu. That means the vaccine failed 99 percent who took it — they received no benefit … Continue reading

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Health and Supplements: Is Your Diet Causing Deficiencies?

I have heard people tell me that they do not take supplements for several reasons: They’re too expensive They believe they get all the nutrients they need from their food Supplements just create “expensive urine” They don’t know what to … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Avoid Influenza, Ebola, Enterovirus – 5 Things to Do Now

There are always different types of viruses floating through the air. Did you realize that science has proven that live virus and bacteria from the other side of the world can live in the cracks of sand particles and be … Continue reading

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