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Healthy Living: Do You Ever Get a Little Crazy with Your Food?

The beginning of this scene from the Big Bang Theory always makes me laugh. Sheldon is so rigid about how things are to be done, he accuses his girlfriend Amy of acting like she’s “at a rave” simply because she … Continue reading

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Health: Surprising Worst Source of Trans Fats

“Sure, foods containing trans fat taste great and stay fresh longer, but they are also bad for your health in a multitude of ways, including raising bad cholesterol, lowering good cholesterol and increasing inflammation. Also known as “trans fatty acids” … Continue reading

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New “Healthy” Breakfast Beverage

What’s your idea of a healthy breakfast drink? Coffee? Tea? Water? Milk? Soda? When we were young and working in the same company I used to meet one of my friends in the break room where she began each and … Continue reading

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Begin The Year By Cleansing Your Temple!

I do a modified fast for 3 days every month. I’ve been doing this consistently for five or six years now. So that means that for one month out of the year or about 36 days a year – I … Continue reading

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Too Much Tea?

I love tea. I drink several cups a day – and more in the cold winter months, although any I drink after about 1 pm must be decaffeinated or herbal tea. Every morning I have a cup of yerba mate … Continue reading

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