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Christmas Blessings

  I want to wish you and your family a truly blessed and wonderful Christmas and say that I appreciate and every person who takes the time to read what I have to share here every Monday. Without you, I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

As we prepare here in the US to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to read what I have to share. I truly appreciate it … Continue reading

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Health and Longevity: More Gratitude Benefits that May Surprise You

In last week’s post I talked about how science is finding that gratitude can help us live longer, healthier lives. I saw the short video below of Dr. Wendy Mendes of the University of California, San Francisco, who discusses her … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Gratitude Can Slow Aging

It is a fact that negative emotions like anxiety, worry, fear and stress activate the sympathetic nervous system, your “fight or flight” system. This part of your nervous system prepares you to defend against danger by increasing heart rate and … Continue reading

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