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Healthy Living: This is Your Brain on Sleep

You need adequate sleep each night even though your brain actually doesn’t sleep. It is constantly working even when you sleep! We tend to try and get every little bit of benefit out of every waking moment. Too many of … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Don’t Overlook Vitamin C for Pneumonia

It’s that time of year when colds and flu are going around and this year we also have Ebola and Enterovirus. For some people bronchitis and pneumonia are a yearly occurrence. That used to be the case for my husband, … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Detox vs. Fasting – What’s the Difference and Which Should You Do?

I had a client ask whether fasting is the same thing as doing a detox and if it’s not, what is the benefit of one over the other? What a great question! Here’s what I hope is a simple explanation … Continue reading

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Health and Emotions: You Avoid Second-Hand Smoke – but What About This?

“Research by Tania Singer at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Clemens Kirschbaum from the Dresden University of Technology found that being exposed to someone in a stressful situation can trigger stress responses in your own … Continue reading

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Are You Really Weak-Willed, or Is It Something Else?

My primary focus in creating vibrant health is no-nonsense nutrition: eating nutrient-dense, fresh, whole foods, properly grown/raised and prepared and in a form as close to how God created them. In case you were wondering that would NOT include fast … Continue reading

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In the 3-D Living Coaching Programs I use many different strategies depending on the needs of my client.  However, I want to share my top 10 tips for 3-D Vitality with you.  So here goes: Tip #1 – Let it … Continue reading

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Our Toxic Food Supply

I read about a research study that reported on the contamination of 46 different food items that were purchased from a Dallas grocery store. The researchers were trying to determine whether samples of different foods were contaminated with flame retardants … Continue reading

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