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Vitamin C: Some Little Known Facts

Did you know that most animals and plants synthesize their own vitamin C from food they eat? This is accomplished via a biochemical pathway that employs 4 enzymes which convert glucose to vitamin C. In mammals (like humans), the glucose … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Don’t Overlook Vitamin C for Pneumonia

It’s that time of year when colds and flu are going around and this year we also have Ebola and Enterovirus. For some people bronchitis and pneumonia are a yearly occurrence. That used to be the case for my husband, … Continue reading

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An Overlooked, Possible Cause of Heart Disease?

Most articles on heart disease focus on the dangers of elevated cholesterol levels and the “need” for statins to lower them. I happen to feel this focus is way too narrow and from what I’ve read in research from many … Continue reading

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