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Weight Loss: What If It Doesn’t Work for You?

When you read about different research and studies and their findings, do you automatically believe whatever the findings indicate is what is best for you? If you read this article, would you assume that you had to give up meat … Continue reading

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Healthy Holidays: My 7 Best Tips for a Healthy Holiday (and Minimal Weight Gain!)

I’ve been reading articles and posts about how to transform traditional holiday goodies into more healthy fare. You know making them gluten free, or low fat or whatever your idea of “healthier” is.  My thoughts on the holidays are a … Continue reading

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Health and Healing: My Protocol

I hope that sharing about my experience has provided some valuable insights. So many people have contacted me to ask what specific things I did and what supplements I used, so I wanted to share that information with you today. … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Are You Willing to Do Something Different?

While I’ve never been very overweight, there have been several times in my life when I’ve needed to lose a few pounds. After each of my pregnancies and when I was in my early 40’s and began gaining weight even … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: More Reasons to Say No to Sugar

It’s no secret that sugar is a toxic, addictive drug. In last week’s blog I shared research that shows that sugar, not salt, is the culprit in high blood pressure. It’s a fact that sugar raises the dangerous, small, dense … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking this is Natural!

It has potassium, a mineral, in the name so it must be ok – right? Actually you couldn’t be more wrong!  What am I referring to? Acesulfame-potassium (also known as acesulfame-K), an artificial sweetener found in many foods, including healthy … Continue reading

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More Reasons for Keeping it Real

Are processed foods REALLY food? In my opinion, the answer is no. Since food is the fuel we run our bodies on, then choosing the highest quality, as well as the specific foods that work best with our unique metabolic … Continue reading

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