Guest Post: Warmth in the Winter of Life

By Coach Caroline Gavin

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 “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

Remember, My child,
When cold it may be,
In the winter of life
You are closest to me,

Yes, just as the sun
Hovers closest to earth
In the coldest season
Before spring rebirth,

So too I am with you
Indeed all the more
When the snow falls,
When cold rain does pour.

So do not grow weary,
Do not let tears fall,
For Your Jesus is here
Throughout it all.

I am kissing your days
With brightest sunshine
I am warming your heart
With pure love divine,

I am filling your soul
With peace deep and pure,
I am uplifting your spirit
With love to endure,

So embrace the storms,
The bitter cold days too,
For I promise, little one,
I am all the closer to you.

Yes, rejoice, My child,
When cold it may be,
For in the winter of life
You are closest to me!

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Caroline 2Caroline Gavin is a Blissful-Living Mentor, Poet, Published Author and Radio Host. Having found eternal joy and victory in Christ, she overcame the dark depths of depression and the near-death of an eating disorder. Her joy now is sharing joy in Jesus. As the Founder of Purposeful Pathway, she shares poetic inspirations and practical inspirations for blissful living. Refresh with her poetry and glean practical wisdom at Connect with Caroline on Google+, Facebook and listen to her shows on Purposeful Pathway Radio. You can also enjoy free resources such as the 7-week transformational Journey to Joy on the Purposeful Pathway web site. Join the journey and pave a pathway of blissful purpose!


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4 Responses to Guest Post: Warmth in the Winter of Life

  1. You warm my heart with your sweet sisterhood, Ann! Thank you for your wonderful friendship! God bless you immeasurably this special season and always!!!

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