Health: Why Just Drinking Water Isn’t Enough

Over half of your body is made of water (about 55% for adult women and 65% for men) and your body works to keep it that way by constantly monitoring how much water you’re losing and how much you need to restore. That’s why you get thirsty. In fact one study found that the human body can trigger that thirsty sensation after losing just 1% of its total amount of water.

While everyone’s needs are different and other factors come into play like whether you are exercising, in a hot environment, sweating profusely, my basic formula is at least one-half your body weight in ounces with ¼ tsp of natural, unprocessed salt for every 32 ounces you drink. I have gotten a lot of push-back about including the salt. But there is a good reason.

If you drink a lot of water throughout the day and yet still feel thirsty, parched and dehydrated there may be a simple fix: you need to be sure you are getting enough electrolytes. If you drink distilled or filtered water, you probably need to remineralize it.

I typically use distilled water to which I add ½ to one teaspoon of trace mineral drops in each gallon. I also follow the formula mentioned above and include salt in my water several times a day, particularly first thing in the morning upon arising.

Natural, unprocessed salt is loaded with minerals your body needs and if you just drink water all day long you can actually be flushing electrolytes out of your body. The salt helps pull water into your cells through sodium transporters and enables more water to be absorbed by the intestines than plain water alone. Fresh fruits and veggies and even teas add to your hydration but be sure you focus on water.

How much water do you drink daily? Do you still feel dehydrated?

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5 Responses to Health: Why Just Drinking Water Isn’t Enough

  1. JD Wininger says:

    Great tips about adding a small amount of unprocessed salt to your water. That’s a good thing to do each morning upon waking too. A very dear friend taught me that recently.

  2. sullivanspin says:

    *puts head down… Not enough and I know that water makes me feel great. I’m heavy, currently at 288 and sweat like crazy so I really need to pound water. Great reminder!

    • amusico says:

      No shame or condemnation! Just be aware and try to drink a bit more each day until you are drinking the right amount. Thank
      you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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