How Much Bling is in You? Part Two

Pearls were not the only “bling” the Lord spoke to me about…so then I thought about diamonds.  I learned the word ‘diamond’ comes from a Greek word (adamao) which means “I tame or I subdue.”  Another form of that Greek word (adamas) means “hardest steel or hardest substance.”  That second definition made immediate sense to me – we all know diamonds are not only beautiful, they are also hard.

As I thought about the first definition – to tame or subdue – God showed me something very interesting.  I learned that diamonds are not produced from coal as we’ve always been told, but that they are formed deep in the earth – at depths greater than 90 miles! This is where the pressure and heat necessary for the formation of diamonds from carbon are found. The diamonds are then transported to the earth’s surface by supersonic volcanic eruptions where they can then be mined.  The rock in which diamonds are found can be anywhere from 50 to 1,600 million years old – but the diamonds themselves are more than 3 billion years old.

What I felt God impressing upon me is this:  We all have those “diamonds” deeply hidden within us.  God placed them there when He created each one of us.  In fact they have been there from the foundation of the world!  Only when we allow Him to use the heat and pressure of difficulties and problems we face in our lives, are they able to rise to the surface and be seen!  It requires us to subdue or tame our natural reactions and inclinations when faced with difficulties in order for those diamonds to rise to the surface!

Our difficulties and problems are the ‘volcanic eruptions’ that transport those spiritual diamonds.  They don’t create our spiritual diamonds, just as the rock physical diamonds are found in didn’t create them.  They simply become the vehicle that blasts them from deep within us to the surface of our being where they can shine and be seen by others, bringing glory to God.

What “vehicles” is God using today to cause your spiritual diamonds to be transported from the depths of your spirit?


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