Weight Loss: Would You Eat This to Lose Weight?

I come across quite a few weird things people try eating to help with weight loss. I must admit this was one of the stranger ones to me and while I’m certainly not recommending it at this point, I share what I found about this simply for your information.

While drinking coffee is well known to possess numerous health benefits, which I shared in this prior newsletter. I shared previously that I had stopped drinking coffee over 30 years ago when pregnant with my oldest son, but I have since rekindled my love for it.

I’ve known people who like to eat coffee beans as a special treat but I had never heard (or thought of!) eating brewed coffee grounds. I’ve read about using them in the garden to fertilize certain plants, but never eating them. Evidently Australian scientists have been studying this for seven years. While their hypotheses haven’t been tested on humans yet, their findings have them pretty excited about the possibilities.

They found the rodents fed those coffee grounds not only had lower body weight but also less abdominal fat (the most dangerous kind); lower blood pressure and triglycerides. Their heart and liver health improved as well as their glucose tolerance. The number, quality and types of gut microbes increased which is a very positive result.

The difference between drinking coffee and ingesting some of the brewed grounds is that even though both contain many of the same health inducing properties, the act of brewing dramatically changes the types and numbers of certain bacteria that have long been studied for their ability to cause weight loss.

While much more study needs to be done before this is a blanket recommendation, the lead investigator of this study is testing it on himself by including a small amount of the brewed grounds that have been dried in a 140 degree oven for one to two hours in bread and muffin recipes. He suggests grinding it further into a finer powder so it isn’t so gritty. You could theoretically put a teaspoon into yogurt, cereal or even a protein shake. A tablespoon a day is what was suggested.

If you decide to try this, since coffee is known to be one of the most contaminated crops worldwide, I would strongly urge you to make sure to buy and drink organic coffee. Conventionally grown coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides, chemicals and combined with solvents and you certainly don’t want to drink or eat those!

Would you consider eating brewed coffee grounds?

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10 Responses to Weight Loss: Would You Eat This to Lose Weight?

  1. Ivey Rorie says:

    Interesting. I think I won’t start eating brewed coffee grounds but it will be good to see how this continued research turns out.

  2. I’ll eat less; I’ll eat better; but I’ll be darned if I eat brewed coffee grounds. While in the military, I tried putting ground coffee in my mouth and eating it to get some caffeine in me. Never again! 🙂

  3. Rochelle Delain says:

    I can no longer drink regular coffee, especially as I get older. It hurts my stomach, makes me jittery and I end up feeling totally drained, depressed, and worse than before once the effects wear off. This happens even with the organic coffee. One night while attending a special event with my husband, I tried what looked like chocolate covered raisins on one of the hors d’oeuvre trays. They turned out to be chocolate covered brewed espresso bean, and they were absolutely delicious. I did not feel the effects right away so I reasoned that I could just eat a few more. Bad decision. That night I could not fall asleep, my heart was racing, my extremities felt restless and twitchy, and I was itching like crazy, which regular coffee also does to me. Next morning after a nearly sleepless night, I felt drained and hungover. So what did I do? Well, those little buggers are quite addictive and I was craving them, so I went out and bought some, thinking they would not affect me as much if I ate them early in the day. Wrong. Same effects. Racing heart, jitters, itching, etc. I could not sit still or focus. So I have concluded that coffee in any form (other an an occasional organic decaf) is not for me. Tea on the other hand, does not have the same effect, especially green tea. it gives me energy without jitters and racing heart and does not overwhelm my sympathetic nervous system like coffee.

    • amusico says:

      Wow Rochelle I am sensitive to caffeine if I have it too late in the day but not nearly as sensitive as you obviously are. This is why is it SO important to know your own particular makeup and to listen to your body. It is always giving us information and feedback if we pay attention. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Holly Scherer says:

    That actually sounds quite tasty, drying the grounds and putting them in recipes. Can’t wait to hear more about this research and other health benefits.

    • amusico says:

      I can’t say I would actually do it but I would imagine the little they suggest including wouldn’t actually change the taste of whatever it is in. You are a trailblazer Holly!!!

  5. I have heard that green coffee beans can dissolve body fats. I have also seen green coffee beans supplements that promise the same effect. What do you say about it!

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