Healthy Relationship: Friends and Family – You Reap What You Sow

reap what you sowI mentioned previously how wonderful my children were during this entire time and how much they all did to help me. Of course my husband was by my side every minute even sleeping in the ICU so as not to leave me that first night. My brother who lives a little over an hour away was at the hospital every day. One of the things the nurses and technicians all said was they were impressed with what a close and loving family I have. On one of my very slow, painful walks around the 6th floor of the hospital with my daughter and brother, my daughter remarked that most of the other rooms we passed had no visitors at all. I guess that’s why my overflowing room was so noticeable.

I had texts and phone calls from friends – some close friends I’ve known for years and some I only know online through my health coaching. They all expressed so much care and concern and encouragement and just blessed me beyond words.

When I got home there were deliveries of flowers and plants and cards. Several friends locally were gracious enough to make a meal and bring it over so my family and I had food to eat and it made things so much easier. What a blessing! My walking buddy, Joanne, brought several meals and when I thanked her profusely she said – well I just appreciate all you’ve done for me.

That just stopped me cold in my tracks. She wasn’t the only one who’d said that and very honestly, it made me uncomfortable each time someone said it. I blurted out to her – I don’t feel like I’ve done anything much for you – what have I done for you? We tend to think in very concrete terms – I’d never made a meal to bring to her house as she’d done for me.

I mentioned this to another friend I only know online and via telephone. She said you are so encouraging and so willing to help anyone who contacts you – that’s what you do for people.

It doesn’t seem like much to me – I don’t usually give it a second thought. If someone contacts me with a question, problem or prayer need – I love being able to give them something of value. But it’s not always something tangible – it’s not a meal. So I just didn’t consider it in the same way.

We never really know what our words or actions will mean to another person. You may just smile at someone this morning and never realize it makes their whole day. A sincere compliment can bolster someone’s confidence and you may never know it. This has made me even more determined that each and every day I want to bring light and love to anyone and everyone who crosses my path.

Do you think you have to do something “big” or do you realize each word you speak can make a difference in someone’s life?

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6 Responses to Healthy Relationship: Friends and Family – You Reap What You Sow

  1. I’m not surprised at the wealth of relationships you have built over the years. The fact that you are humble about your service to others is telling of your incredible character. It is a pleasure to know you! I like to write notes and I have rec’d much wonderful feedback of what a tiny gesture like that makes in others lives.

    • amusico says:

      Michael thank you for those kind words – they mean a lot to me. You have never failed to uplift and bless me with every encounter. You may think a note is a tiny gesture (like the lovely one you sent me when I was recovering) but it is not tiny at all – it brought the sun out for me and knowing someone is thinking about you and takes the time to physically write a note and send it (which is so rare today with email) is a pretty big deal. I appreciate you.

  2. Ann,

    I’m so thankful that you had the amazing support of your loving family while you were going through this trial. I’m also thankful that you had many friends who had the opportunity to let you know how much you mean to them. You have definitely been a blessing in my life. You are always uplifting and encouraging. I appreciate all of the wisdom you share on nutrition and spiritual issues. You are a blessing to me and to many others!

    Have a Victorious Day!


  3. Ann, beautiful story! And I can personally attest to what your friend said, you are indeed, “so encouraging and so willing to help anyone who contacts you”, so it’s no mystery to me why others would thank you. Thanks for your friendship, support, and encouragement over these past several years.

  4. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, your blog encouraged me today. I rarely make a meal or offer tangible help like some of my friends are so quick and able to do well. Your post made me realize the value of intangible gifts. They certainly mean much to me. As do you, my friend.

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