Weight Loss: How Satisfied Are You

Certain meals make you feel more satisfied. We know that a meal focused on protein and healthy fats digests more slowly and so makes you feel more satiated. A meal that has a lot of non-starchy veggies is also very filling as it is high in fiber and tends to fill you up quickly. After eating either of these types of meals you will feel physically full and satisfied. But if you consider a particular meal to be a “light” meal, you may find that you get hungry more quickly between meals or crave certain foods so satisfaction has to do with your perception of the meal as well.

I’ve shared before (here and here) how mindset and attitude affect nutrition. I read about a recent study where the study participants were each given the same-sized omelet for breakfast. Some participants were told it was a two-egg omelet and others were told it was a 4-egg omelet. In reality, all the omelets contained 3 eggs.

Research showed that the people who believed they only had a 2-egg omelet reported feeling more hungry 2 hours later and ate more both at lunchtime and during the rest of the day compared to those who believed they ate a 4-egg omelet. I found this to be fascinating and it just highlights the fact that what we perceive and believe is extremely powerful – affecting our physical response!

Previous studies have shown that a person’s expectations can have an impact on their subsequent feelings of hunger and fullness and, to a degree, how much food they consume the rest of the day.

This may explain why so many people expect a diet to be boring and hard to stick to, believe they will feel hungry and deprived and then quickly abandon their weight loss efforts. This is why it is SO important not to overlook your thinking and emotions when you are trying to lose weight or improve your diet. It is for this very reason Today is Still the Day doesn’t just focus on menus and food lists, but also on detoxing, nourishing, exercising and rebooting your spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions) and body. You can’t succeed long-term unless you do.

How have you experienced your perception of a meal influencing your subsequent eating behavior?

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4 Responses to Weight Loss: How Satisfied Are You

  1. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, that is a fascinating study where the people who thought they were eating less felt hungry. I think that’s why doctors should be careful when they give a gloomy prognosis. I can’t help but think that affects a person‘s perception and ability to heal.

  2. J.D. Wininger says:

    Great article Ms. Ann. I always enjoy learning from your posts ma’am. Now if I can only figure out how to make those tiny cans of Vienna Sausages seem more filling. 😀

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