Longevity: Can You Spare 11 Minutes

I am sure I don’t have to tell you that being active will increase your lifespan and help you stay healthier longer. Sitting too much and being sedentary increases not only your risk of developing disease but also of early death. This is a sticky situation for some people who absolutely do not like exercising or who have sedentary jobs and feel they do not have the time – much less the energy – to spend an hour or two at the gym.

Well this is really good news, for everyone! This new study used data taken from fitness trackers as opposed to just answers on questionnaires, which are often less than reliable, found that people who exercised moderately for 11 minutes a day significantly reduced their risk of dying prematurely even if they had to sit for long periods each day.

And even more good news, they found the amount of time spent in daily exercise at which point you no longer gain additional longevity benefits was 35 minutes! Seriously now, 11 minutes is doable for just about everyone and 35 minutes a day is definitely not excessive by any means. Keep in mind that previous research has proven that even breaking that 35 minutes down into 3 shorter sessions still gets you the same benefits!

So what’s holding you back? You really have no excuse. Just about everyone can find 11 minutes to get up and intentionally be active.

If you exercise regularly, how long do spend daily? If not, would you consider 11 minutes a day?

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6 Responses to Longevity: Can You Spare 11 Minutes

  1. Holly Scherer says:

    I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much time I spend exercising. I cap it off at two hours a day. Trying to get back into cycling shape, I subscribed to a virtual training program and have way too many 2 hour rides. Normal days I try to get in at least an hour of cardio and yoga as many days as I can. But its not just longevity I’m going for. I feel better, sleep better, stress less.

    • amusico says:

      Don’t be embarrassed! This is what works for you, for the goal you have, and makes you feel great. That’s awesome. We are all different. My husband works out 7 days a week at the gym (now that they’re open again) for at least 2 hours and that’s cutting it back from what he used to do. Just works for him. I think you’re amazing!

  2. Ivey Rorie says:

    Good article.

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